Looking for a healthy lightweight backpacking meal plan? 

This FREE course includes everything you need to get started with high fat, nutrient dense eating. It includes recipes, meal ideas, a complete 5-day resupply plan, ingredient sourcing, and how to put this into practice.

Learn easy strategies to upgrade your health and eat for optimal performance

  • Recipes for the trail
  • Sample day of eating
  • Tips and tactics to make it easy!

Healthy Hiker Grocery Guide

  • Suitable for diets FREE of gluten, dairy, refined sugars, GMOs, & ultra-processed junk. Also appropriate for ‘no-cook’ endurance endeavors.
  • Get the ‘grocery list’ I use to eat for optimal energy, endurance, and long term health
  • Nutritious, easy to prepare whole foods
  • Suggestions for unprocessed snacks & meals for the backcountry

Adventure Ready Year Round

Learn the keys to creating optimal wellness year-round, so you're ready for your next adventure, no matter the season. Healthy eating and fitness are the foundation. Here's how to take it a level deeper.