Private coaching and online course student testimonials

I wanted to reduce pack weight and fuel for higher performance, and I found this course was a great investment in meeting those goals. The material is thoughtfully presented, comprehensive and you can return to it as you go to build deeper understanding. Katie's extensive knowledge of nutrition and on-trail experience make her a true expert. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their overall backpacking experience.


-private coaching client, nutrition course student

We’ve done a lot and been able to make actual concrete changes.

Working together got me started on the supplements and other nutritional changes that I think will be critical in my improvement. I also appreciated your level of thoroughness in discussing nutrition. I was worried I’d become overly conscious about weight during this process, but that didn’t happen.

Our work together also pushed me to do a backpacking trip by myself, which I wouldn’t have done otherwise. I got a lot of self confidence from that. It was really nice to get out and be in Yosemite and learn and grow from the experience.

The emphasis on addressing my anxiety was also important. I understood how it affects everything in my life but the amount of time we talked about it made me realize the need to really figure things out.

You're very non judgmental and professional. I didn’t ever leave a session feeling like I over shared.

Ultimately, our work together was so practical. I came away from our sessions with real ideas; specific practices and tools I could implement, and they're really continuing to make a difference in my life.  


-private coaching client, nutrition course student

This course will give you a very good understanding of the role nutrition can play in improving your long distance hiking experience, and your overall health in general. It also provides some really concrete examples of how you can achieve these goals with some really well thought out resources.


-Nutrition course student

I am well into your course materials and am finding it fully in accord with my expectations. I am a 67 y/o male preparing for a PCT adventure this summer.  My son Peter and I will be hiking SOBO from Bridge of the Gods to the southern terminus if all goes well. The structure, pace and content [of the course] is really top notch!


-Nutrition course student

I got a lot out of the performance nutrition course.  It helped tremendously for the four pass loop.  In the end, I came really close to bringing only what we needed and we were fueled well throughout!


-Nutrition course student

I was feeling like I would never have control in this area of my life; like there was something that I just didn’t understand. My partner and I were having alot of conflict around this and I was making my neuroses her problem. It was really heavy.

It’d been years of talking to therapists and other folks. This was my first time thinking if I get this [relationship to food and my body] in place, other stuff will fall into place. I started seeing this as the lynchpin of my other mental health issues.

I learned that there are ways to go about this stuff that isn’t just crash and cardio. There's a way to think differently and you’ll feel better.

The tools, like mental rehearsal, and all the documents and time were super valuable. Your comprehension of my problem was the most valuable. I felt like you understood the way I relate to this problem.

Every time I wanted to be down on myself, you didn’t let me, and that was awesome.

My life feels different than it did before our work together. I feel like I’m quicker to resolve things when they come up and I feel like I have a real plan.

If it weren’t for doing this work, I may have been obsessing about myself and been a monster these past 4 months, and may not have even gotten married.

Across the board, I’m feeling better and more confident.

You have a great service and you are very good at what you do. Thank you so much for everything!


-36, hiker, private coaching client

 I needed help. I knew when left to my own choices, what I was doing was not working. I’d tried everything.

I ordered your book and thought, this girl is a badass. This is exactly who I want. I didn’t want some boring person in an office reading me a food pyramid. 

Because of my past “failures” and nothing in the past working for me, I thought “This isn’t going to work, but I’ll try it anyway.” And the work we did together with blood sugar and macros and prioritizing sleep and hydration… that has been the only thing that’s worked for me and it’s something I know I can do and want to continue to do.

My life is so different than 3 months ago: 

  • I’m prioritizing my sleep now, sleeping better, and realizing how that affects every aspect of my health
  • I've lost 12 pounds, and counting
  • I learned tools, like EFT and bi lateral stimulation, that I use regularly to decrease stress and anxiety
  • I've stopped nighttime eating
  • I've stopped binging
  • Eating a much more balanced diet, more whole foods

You’ve really helped me a lot. This has been beyond all my expectations. Thank you. 


-53, hiker, private coaching client

I reached out because I felt like I was in a rut with what I was eating. I wasn’t educated on how to eat nutritionally. I needed something to get me back on track. Four years ago, I was in better shape and 20 pounds lighter. I felt better then and wanted to get back to the level again. 


Overall, the most effective thing we did was log foods and talk about it and how to make better choices to hit my goal numbers.

I'd recommend Katie's coaching to someone like me, who maybe knows a few basic things, but not much; someone who wants to build a better understanding of how to structure a diet for being active; anyone who doesn’t have a good basic understanding of nutrition and how to work with it. 

In the past 3 months, I've:

  • Lost 5 pounds
  • Found a sustainable pattern of eating that's very do-able, where I feel good without being on a strict diet
  • An understanding that eating in a way that helps you reach your goals doesn't need to be all-or-nothing
  • Went from poor sleeper to mediocre sleeper
  • Implemented regular routine of climbing, running, and moving more in general, despite some setbacks


-male, 52, software engineer, hiker,  climber, private coaching client

Hi Katie, I wanted to send a quick note of thanks. During the Spring I purchased your course work. I used your insights in my recent successful thru-hike of the Colorado Trail. Perhaps we’ll cross paths in the near future and if so I’ll be happy to buy you a celebratory drink.


-CT thru hiker, Performance Nutrition for Backpacker student

Thank you for all your support. It truly means a great deal to have had these last three months of your guidance. I truly realized just how much happier I feel within my body and how much I have grown and changed. I cannot thank you enough.

Over the past few months I learned just how interconnected everything was. This was something I had known for a while existed but truly taking the time to stop, think, reflect, and piece it all together made a dramatic difference. Through all of the reflection, I realized just how crucial mindset and approach is. Without the conceptual approach of pushing myself out of my comfort zone while also still holding onto the work I had done on my own, I think I would have struggled.

I know the first month was the hardest for me because I felt like I didn't have the aspects that I had so heavily relied on, however, in all reality those had not disappeared but instead took on a different form. This came to me in month two when I really started to see the improvements and the changes and the strength that I had found in routine and routines that worked for me and my body.

Throughout the third month, when I put all of this into play and then started to look at my body through love and the lens of a strong woman (a lens I had never considered or been strong enough to look at myself through before) I saw just how strong I had become and how healed my relationship to my body, food, and my perception of how to take care of myself I was. I no longer saw my thyroid condition as something that held me back rather it became something that helped me focus on taking care of myself and accepting and acknowledging that this difference in who I am physically as well as all the differences I experience mentally/emotionally is what allowed me to get to the point where I am now and to see that I needed to continue to lean into the self-love and self-care that I have been working so hard to find.

I want to thank you for your patience and your kindness and your care. I feel as though this journey has helped me to see myself as strong and capable again. That is something I had not felt since I was significantly younger. I also believe that I have grown to think and see myself through a healthy perspective and mindset. Thank you for helping me to see this.


-Teacher, backpacker, CDT trail steward

Katie, here are the results of my recent InBody. Both my trainer and I celebrated. Thanks for your support and telling me to hang in there. I hate numbers, but I’m definitely OK with these!!! 


-Private coaching client, hiker

I’m so grateful for the information. I’ve been backpacking since my mid-20’s, so I know, generally speaking, how my body is on the trail. I was really curious to incorporate your teachings, and it made such a great impact while out there. While i had always been an avid post-workout (hike) recovery meal asap person, I had never thought about when I eat fat vs carb meals while on the trail.  So cool!


-Performance Nutrition & Meal Planning for Backpackers student

When first beginning with Katie I struggled in my relationship with nutrition and movement. My thoughts regarding food and nutrition were toxic and would quickly lead to erratic eating behaviors. With Katie's incredible knowledge, experience and empathetic nature I was able to identify and repair old patterns. I now feel more empowered and grounded when making food choices and in understanding my health. I felt that the process Katie and I embarked on helped me move out of shame and created more room for curiosity and flow in my choices.

Laura Piche

Laura Piche 

-LPC, lover of the outdoors

I wanted to lose 5-8 pounds to become fitter and hopefully faster. I learned about Katie's nutrition business and her running/hiking accomplishments from a friend. I wanted to be advised by a person with dietary training and who had an athletic resume. Katie had the combination I was looking for.

We concentrated on my diet. I was slow to adopt many of her guidelines due to a lifetime of building my own diet. One result was an improvement in my energy level as well fuel to support my activities. The result has been improved energy level and weight loss that has started even though I’m consuming more calories. I highly recommend Katie’s expertise and her ability to manage the client/coach relationship. 

Bob Romig

-Retired Professor, runner, pole valuter

I have had zero regrets about the value I’m receiving from one on one coaching or the process we’re following. The phone summary notes you send are gold. Your education and support has allowed me to fine tune throughout and get the results I was after. I’m sure I’m getting more than you are.

Buddy Sessoms

-Engineer, Pilot, 

CT thru hiker

I’m 62 years old and have been focused on improving my cycling and all around health. Over the previous year, I had kept up my activity level but started neglecting my nutrition, stress and sleep regimen. I gained 20 pounds and started feeling sluggish and looked for a reasonable approach toward developing a sustainable program of health.

The best thing I did was schedule a complimentary call with Katie and after a few minutes I knew I had found my nutrition coach. Katie is sincere and seems to genuinely care about my journey. While it’s only been three weeks, I started the elimination program, and followed Katie’s guidance related to supplements, sleep, stress and other lifestyle changes that have been easy to incorporate into my busy schedule. So far, I’ve lost 15 pounds, sleep better, feel great and no longer suffer from chronic muscle spasms.

Katie has been a pleasure to work with. I’m hooked!!

Tom Beringer

-Head of HR,

avid cyclist

As a prior Adventure Ready student, until you embrace wellness as a holistic concept, it is not evident how powerfully it prepares you for on-trail success. The course (Adventure Ready) teaches you how to truly prepare and thrive instead of merely survive until the adventure ends. The course is also always there to reference in the years to come. It's an empowering value.

Buddy Sessoms

-Engineer, Pilot, 

CT thru hiker

I got off the CDT in 2015 thinking I could maintain my weight. After ballooning to 245 pounds I asked Katie for help. I shed 20 and found a diet that works. My goal was to get back to a good weight and find out what nutritionally would sustain a good weight while being satisfied. I heard Katie on the Trail Show podcast and was convinced she knew what to do. Since working with Katie, I’ve lost weight, I’m feeling better, and I have a sustainable diet. She shows a lot of attention to her clients and good follow through.

Pat "Axel" Dixon

-Head of HR,

avid cyclist

I've personally learned a ton and completely changed my diet by following Katie's guidelines and advice. My energy levels and digestion capacity have done a complete 180 throughout the last 10 months of transitioning away from all the crap food that I used to love so much.

John "Bigfoot" Carr

-IT Specialist, CDT, PCT thru hiker

I've been thinking a lot about how small changes in my diet and nutrition can help or hinder my performance as an athlete. Last year, I took the Adventure Ready course taught by my friend (and sometimes hiking partner) Katie Gerber and was surprised by how much it changed how I hiked the PCT this past summer and how nutrition made me feel stronger (even though I carried less weight in food than usual!)

As with most things in life, I came into the course last year thinking I'd get one thing and ended up getting something a lot more valuable. At this point in my hiking career, I thought I had nutrition dialed in. But I took the course hoping to find new foods that I wouldn't get tired of, because I feel like I've had my fill of any trail-stable food that exists.

One of my big takeaways was about timing of when to eat food on trail. One example is that I learned to never start the morning with a sugary breakfast (which, admittedly, was often the only kind of food I felt like eating in the morning while I on a hike). This year on the PCT, (almost) every morning, I resisted the urge to start the AM with a chocolate bar or sports nutrition gel or gummy, and was surprised what a difference in made over the long haul of the day.

Liz "Snorkel" Thomas

-author, co-founder Treeline Review, former AT FKT holder

I greatly appreciate Katie's insights and work with me last year. With the suggested diet adjustments, I have been keeping weight off, even during the winter, and seem in the best hiking shape of my life since college! Now I'm looking forward to hikes on the West Coast Trail, in the Wind River Range, and on the Colorado Trail.

Al Wallace

-PCTA trail crew volunteer, section hiked the WA section of the PCT

Having Salty as a hiking partner, I was fortunate enough to absorb and put into practice a lot of her health and nutrition advice. My diet was cleaner on the ODT than any other hike I've completed and we pushed hard on that hike. I had better energy and endurance, and my digestion improved too!

Whitney "Allgood" LaRuffa

-President of the American Long Distance Hiking Assoc.-West; AT, CDT thruhiker

Katie is amazing! We spent several weeks together in an RV traveling and hiking Utah and AZ. She coached me with backpacking advice, nutrition and learning how to be enough for myself NOW and loving myself for who I am today.

Annemaria Allen

-CEO,  avid hiker

I was already feeling unhappy about how I was treating myself, but didn't know what to do about it, because I'd tried this, that and the other thing before. It has been good to have someone to check in with, who has new ideas. I just get so overwhelmed that creativity and thinking outside the box is difficult. Katie has a clear vision of what path to take, and guidelines to follow by.

Diane Pinkers

-Veterinarian, avid hiker and backpacker

Thanks so much for getting me out of my "funk." I truly was in a health/exercise funk! I feel so much better now that I've lost a few pounds, am exercising, and have a goal to work towards. 

Thank you for that! 

You truly have a gift for encouraging - you always seemed genuinely excited about my little victories and you made me feel like I really can accomplish this. 

Again, thank so much! 

Missy Becker

-Nurse, aspiring backpacker

When I came to Katie, I was pretty bummed out about my weight and choices of food. I felt like I had researched all kinds of nutritious ways to eat and although I had become a vegetarian, sometimes vegan....I just couldn’t figure out a way to take all that I had learned through my research and put it together enough to motivate me into something consistently healthy that I knew was right. I was also suffering from daily, evening heartburn. I tried all kinds of gimmicks and remedies but to no avail and it only led to frustration. 

Before working with Katie, I had never truly been happy with what I looked at in the mirror because I always felt I was fat or I could do better. If only I lost 10 pounds, I would be happier is what I would tell myself. I still hear that voice but at least now, I feel assured that I am doing something to slowly find my way there by making healthier choices, understanding the key nutrients that it takes to be healthy, accepting that and not beating myself up if I eat something that may be higher in carbs.

At this point, I have learned so much about food choices, reading labels, organizing and balancing my plan and encouraging myself to keep moving forward with the tools I now have. 

It was a wonderful experience working with Katie. She taught me so much about caring for myself and helping me battle my war with food. She gave me so many amazing, good, solid ideas and never judged me or told me not to do something. Katie is very accepting and always found a way to help me or come up with some ideas for me to try. 

Katie, I am truly grateful for your expertise and knowledge. Thanks for cheering me on with the successes and encouraging me when at times I was bummed out because of a number on the scale or test. 

I enjoyed our sessions together and will miss you.....you became a “household name,” around our house. You are very kind and good at what you do. I hope you continue to help people. I will look for more of your You-Tubes and will log onto your website often to see what’s new. Your parents should be very proud of you.

Carmel Skrabel

-avid hiker, private client


A few favorite pieces of feedback from guided trip clients

“Katie was a fearless hiker and modeled all sort of cool things from her zen attitude about hard things to a well-packed pack. When things got tough, Katie was gently encouraging and comforting to be around. She was kind and thoughtful. I appreciated her map, compass and Gaia lessons. We also had great conversations about gear, and food and nutrition on trail. She’s a total badass and an endless source of knowledge.”

“Katie has an extensive knowledge of all things backpacking and was always happy to share with the group or individuals. She made sure everyone had an opportunity to give input on navigational decisions and to take the lead off-trail if they wanted to. I appreciated that she always gave a thoughtful and helpful answer even to ill-posed questions like “how do I walk on talus.” I could tell she was always conscious of our safety and encouraged us to get out of our comfort zone a bit but also was supportive when we reached our limit (eg, when exposure became too much during peak bagging).”

“Katie is very level-headed and knowledgeable. She did a great job listening to the group and our needs. She’s exceptionally empathetic and managed the ups-and-downs of our journey with absolute grace and wisdom. She also knows so many wildflower species. :)”

“Patience. Calm demeanor. Politeness. Modesty. Compassion. Flexibility to adapt to the needs/wishes of the group. High levels of endurance.”

“Really outstanding in every way. She sets a great example with her own skill set and hiking ability (strong hiker!). She is calm and compassionate, dedicated to fulfilling the curriculum, and comes across as very mature and confident. Katie takes a personal interest in each client that seems very genuine. She does not come across as needing to advertise her own accomplishments, and yet effectively discusses her vast experience when relevant.”

"Katie was encouraging, approachable, and empowering. She took incredible care of us and also gave us space to learn, make mistakes, and grow our skills in a supportive and safe environment."

"Katie did a phenomenal job to work with each individual as well as the group to develop their personal backcountry skills and personal confidence. She was patient, kind and supportive. Her knowledge is vast. She also did a fantastic job of building team cohesion and ensuring everyone was active and engaged."

"Katie is just an absolutely top notch guide. She's a complete badass, but very understated, allowing others in the group to shine. She is deeply knowledgeable about all aspects of backcountry travel - food, walking, packing, gear and is happy to share when asked. I love hearing her stories and following along on her adventures. She does an excellent job managing group dynamics, never flinching, showing exasperation and keeping everyone on task and in a good mood."

"Katie excels in literally every conceivable category. I could pen 10,000 words and still fall woefully short of Katie's expert guidesmanship. Her humility, mentorship, patience, expertise, and craftsmanship are virtues that most of us could only dream of touching. She is, without question, a master of her craft and a role model to anyone paying sufficiently close attention."

"Katie was wonderful - supportive, knowledgeable, kind, funny, and confident. Oh, and patient - sincerely, it must be hard to be asked 600 questions a day for a week straight. Even if you love what you do, it must be draining. But I never once sensed a tiredness of sharing her passion and expertise. She's a gem!"