When first beginning with Katie I struggled in my relationship with nutrition and movement. My thoughts regarding food and nutrition were toxic and would quickly lead to erratic eating behaviors. With Katie's incredible knowledge, experience and empathetic nature I was able to identify and repair old patterns. I now feel more empowered and grounded when making food choices and in understanding my health. I felt that the process Katie and I embarked on helped me move out of shame and created more room for curiosity and flow in my choices.

Laura Piche

Laura Piche 

-Licensed Professional Counselor, lover of the outdoors

I wanted to lose 5-8 pounds to become fitter and hopefully faster. I learned about Katie's nutrition business and her running/hiking accomplishments from a friend. I wanted to be advised by a person with dietary training and who had an athletic resume. Katie had the combination I was looking for.

We concentrated on my diet. I was slow to adopt many of her guidelines due to a lifetime of building my own diet. One result was an improvement in my energy level as well fuel to support my activities. The result has been improved energy level and weight loss that has started even though I’m consuming more calories. I highly recommend Katie’s expertise and her ability to manage the client/coach relationship. 

Bob Romig

-Retired Professor, runner, pole valuter

I have had zero regrets about the value I’m receiving from one on one coaching or the process we’re following. The phone summary notes you send are gold. Your education and support has allowed me to fine tune throughout and get the results I was after. I’m sure I’m getting more than you are.

Buddy Sessoms

-Engineer, Pilot, 

CT thru hiker

I’m 62 years old and have been focused on improving my cycling and all around health. Over the previous year, I had kept up my activity level but started neglecting my nutrition, stress and sleep regimen. I gained 20 pounds and started feeling sluggish and looked for a reasonable approach toward developing a sustainable program of health.

The best thing I did was schedule a complimentary call with Katie and after a few minutes I knew I had found my nutrition coach. Katie is sincere and seems to genuinely care about my journey. While it’s only been three weeks, I started the elimination program, and followed Katie’s guidance related to supplements, sleep, stress and other lifestyle changes that have been easy to incorporate into my busy schedule. So far, I’ve lost 15 pounds, sleep better, feel great and no longer suffer from chronic muscle spasms.

Katie has been a pleasure to work with. I’m hooked!!

Tom Beringer

-Head of HR,

avid cyclist

As a prior Adventure Ready student, until you embrace wellness as a holistic concept, it is not evident how powerfully it prepares you for on-trail success. The course (Adventure Ready) teaches you how to truly prepare and thrive instead of merely survive until the adventure ends. The course is also always there to reference in the years to come. It's an empowering value.

Buddy Sessoms

-Engineer, Pilot, 

CT thru hiker

I got off the CDT in 2015 thinking I could maintain my weight. After ballooning to 245 pounds I asked Katie for help. I shed 20 and found a diet that works. My goal was to get back to a good weight and find out what nutritionally would sustain a good weight while being satisfied. I heard Katie on the Trail Show podcast and was convinced she knew what to do. Since working with Katie, I’ve lost weight, I’m feeling better, and I have a sustainable diet. She shows a lot of attention to her clients and good follow through.

Pat "Axel" Dixon

-Head of HR,

avid cyclist

I've personally learned a ton and completely changed my diet by following Katie's guidelines and advice. My energy levels and digestion capacity have done a complete 180 throughout the last 10 months of transitioning away from all the crap food that I used to love so much.

John "Bigfoot" Carr

-IT Specialist, CDT, PCT thru hiker

I've been thinking a lot about how small changes in my diet and nutrition can help or hinder my performance as an athlete. Last year, I took the Adventure Ready course taught by my friend (and sometimes hiking partner) Katie Gerber and was surprised by how much it changed how I hiked the PCT this past summer and how nutrition made me feel stronger (even though I carried less weight in food than usual!)

As with most things in life, I came into the course last year thinking I'd get one thing and ended up getting something a lot more valuable. At this point in my hiking career, I thought I had nutrition dialed in. But I took the course hoping to find new foods that I wouldn't get tired of, because I feel like I've had my fill of any trail-stable food that exists.

One of my big takeaways was about timing of when to eat food on trail. One example is that I learned to never start the morning with a sugary breakfast (which, admittedly, was often the only kind of food I felt like eating in the morning while I on a hike). This year on the PCT, (almost) every morning, I resisted the urge to start the AM with a chocolate bar or sports nutrition gel or gummy, and was surprised what a difference in made over the long haul of the day.

Liz "Snorkel" Thomas

-author, co-founder Treeline Review, former AT FKT holder

I greatly appreciate Katie's insights and work with me last year. With the suggested diet adjustments, I have been keeping weight off, even during the winter, and seem in the best hiking shape of my life since college! Now I'm looking forward to hikes on the West Coast Trail, in the Wind River Range, and on the Colorado Trail.

Al Wallace

-PCTA trail crew volunteer, section hiked the WA section of the PCT

Having Salty as a hiking partner, I was fortunate enough to absorb and put into practice a lot of her health and nutrition advice. My diet was cleaner on the ODT than any other hike I've completed and we pushed hard on that hike. I had better energy and endurance, and my digestion improved too!

Whitney "Allgood" LaRuffa

-President of the American Long Distance Hiking Assoc.-West; AT, CDT thruhiker

Katie is amazing! We spent several weeks together in an RV traveling and hiking Utah and AZ. She coached me with backpacking advice, nutrition and learning how to be enough for myself NOW and loving myself for who I am today.

Annemaria Allen

-CEO, The Mortgage Compliance Group, avid hiker

I was already feeling unhappy about how I was treating myself, but didn't know what to do about it, because I'd tried this, that and the other thing before. It has been good to have someone to check in with, who has new ideas. I just get so overwhelmed that creativity and thinking outside the box is difficult. Katie has a clear vision of what path to take, and guidelines to follow by.

Diane Pinkers

-Veterinarian, avid hiker and backpacker

Thanks so much for getting me out of my "funk." I truly was in a health/exercise funk! I feel so much better now that I've lost a few pounds, am exercising, and have a goal to work towards. 

Thank you for that! 

You truly have a gift for encouraging - you always seemed genuinely excited about my little victories and you made me feel like I really can accomplish this. 

Again, thank so much! 

Missy Becker

-Nurse, aspiring backpacker