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Want to prepare your mind and body for your next trip into the backcountry?

Adventure Ready: A Hiker's Guide to Planning, Training, and Resiliency is a comprehensive handbook for anyone preparing to spend weeks, or months, on a long distance trail.  

In this guidebook, co-author Heather Anderson and I  share our wisdom from more than 50,000 miles of backpacking experience between the two of us. Heather is a record-setting backpacker and former personal trainer who spent years training aspiring hikers for long treks. Since 2017, I've been coaching outdoor enthusiasts to prepare their health and nutrition for optimal performance in the backcountry. 

In Adventure Ready, we combine our expertise to share tips, anecdotes, checklists, and exercises designed to maximize your enjoyment of your hike whether you're a beginner who's aspiring to complete your first long trail or a seasoned thru hiker who wants to improve your preparation, health, and overall experience on your next long walk.

adventure ready

With Adventure Ready, you'll learn how to:

  • Create an itinerary that works for you
  • Select clothing and gear for your target season and destination
  • Craft a training plan to hone your strength and endurance
  • Create a nutritious trail menu that will keep you healthy on trail
  • Stay safe in the backcountry
  • Prepare psychologically for life on trail
  • Smoothly reintegrate to life back home after your hike

In addition to providing our take on the traditional topics of trip planning, safety, navigation, and gear, we dive deep into the lesser explored areas of trail nutrition, physical training, and mental preparation.

"A long-distance hike--or any situation that puts you under pressure--will unearth dormant attributes and highlight both your strengths and weaknesses. Preparing your mind for a long backpacking trip before you step foot on trail goes a long way toward overcoming obstacles and achieving success with your backpacking goals. This mental preparation involves setting realistic expectations, having a rock-solid sense of purpose, and practicing specific techniques that prepare you to overcome psychological hurdles."
Excerpted from Adventure Ready page 159

As long distance hikers we also understand the challenges that arise after a long hike and we dedicate an entire chapter to how to take care of your body and mind during the challenge of transitioning back home after the trail.

Are You Ready to Create Optimal Health  for Your Next Outdoor Adventure?


This course includes everything you need to get started with NUTRITIOUS, LIGHTWEIGHT eating in the BACKCOUNTRY.

It includes recipes, meal ideas, a complete 5-day resupply plan, ingredient sourcing, and how to put this into practice. 

You deserve an adventurous life.

And that requires a healthy mind, body, and soul.

Hi, I'm Katie.
Hiker ~ Nutrition Coach ~ Writer

I help ambitious, adventurous individuals create the health they need to do more of what they love. 

Explore! You'll find private coaching and lots of free content for staying healthy in the outdoors, living well, and creating your dream life. 

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Build strength & resiliency so you can go the distance, again and again.

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You become your strongest, most resilient self.

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We also do the mindset work to make those changes sustainable for life.

I also write for publications about health & wellness and outdoor adventure. Reach out to me here for more information.

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With my journey recovering from an autoimmune illness, my experience in outdoor endurance endeavors, and my time in the culinary arts, I have a deep toolbox from which I can draw to guide you back to feeling your best.

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