Nourish yourself for the long trail. 

Build strength & resiliency so you can go the distance, again and again.

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As a holistic lifestyle coach, I guide you to become your strongest, most resilient self. 

By focusing on the foundations of health, including nourishment, sleep, training, recovery, and stress management, we unlock your potential.  

The result is you spending more time feeling great and doing the things you love. You access that limitless place inside where everything is possible. 


I look forward to supporting you in living the life you're meant to live.

Whether you're preparing for your first thru-hike, recovering from a recent adventure, or just feeling "off" and looking for some additional support, we can work together to ensure you're hitting the trail feeling great. 

I offer a free discovery call to discuss your health goals and whether it's a good fit for us to work together. I'll provide a follow up email with a summary of our discussion and options for working together. 

With my journey recovering from an autoimmune illness, my experience in outdoor endurance endeavors, and my time in the culinary arts, I have a deep toolbox from which I can draw to guide you back to feeling your best.

I also offer culinary classes and am available for speaking engagements.