How to Optimize Recovery with Nutrition

Wondering how to use nutrition to best support your body in repairing and replenishing after a challenging day hike or during a multi-day (or -month) backpacking trip?

I just went live in the Holistic Hiker FB group sharing the strategies I’ve gleaned from researching this topic while writing my upcoming book. This is what I teach clients when they ask:

>>What should I eat after hiking for faster recovery and increased performance the following day?

In the video, you’ll learn:
*the benefits of optimizing your recovery nutrition
*nutrient timing for maximum glycogen synthesis so you have the oomph to hike/train again the following day
*the role of each macronutrient in a recovery meal
*some myth busting around the type of protein and carbs that are ideal

In the video, I also share more about some big events in my life this past summer, the reason for the lapse in communication from me recently, and where things are headed next.

As always, thanks for being here.

I hope you’re staying healthy and having a fantastic summer with plenty of time spent outdoors.


For a deep dive into performance nutrition and meal planning for backpackers, check out our online course on the topic.

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