The Adventure Ready book is here! (PreOrder)

In August of 2020, Mountaineers Books reached out to Heather and I with the idea of writing a holistic guidebook to long distance hiking.

Today, after many hours of writing, editing, and waiting, it’s awesome to finally hold the finished physical book in my hands (see happy photo above) – AND for it to be ready to go out into the world.

Adventure Ready is a prescriptive guidebook to long distance hiking. It’s designed to maximize your enjoyment of your hike whether you’re a beginner who’s aspiring to complete your first long trail or a seasoned thru hiker who wants to improve your preparation, health, and overall experience on your next long walk.

In addition to providing our take on the traditional topics of trip planning, safety, navigation, and gear, we dive deep into the lesser explored areas of trail nutrition, physical training, and mental preparation. We also talk about how to take care of your body and mind during the challenge of transitioning back home after the trail.

The Adventure Ready book will be released in June 2022.

When you pre order using the below links, you’ll receive a SIGNED COPY from me as well as a DISCOUNT CODE to use on the more in depth Adventure Ready online curriculum so that you can get started learning today!

PreOrder Here.

Access the online curriculum at

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